Bathroom Cabinets & Vanities

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Whether you are remodeling, looking to spruce up your bathroom, or building a custom home, designing your dream bathroom can be a ton of fun. Two of the most important choices that you’ll make during the process are your bathroom cabinets and countertops. SureWood Fine Cabinetry offers a wide variety of bathroom cabinets and vanities with customizable materials and finishes to suit your unique needs and style.

Bathroom Cabinets

Are you tired of trying to squeeze out more storage from your current bathroom vanity or cabinet? SureWood Fine Cabinetry has a wide variety of bathroom cabinet configurations and styles to give you the style, storage, and look that you want. Other than traditional bathroom cabinet styles, we offer custom base cabinets and wall cabinets for all of your needs. Whether it’s pull out drawers to hide the extra toilet paper or custom drawer inserts to perfectly hold your makeup and essentials, we will work with you to assess your needs and develop the perfect bathroom cabinetry for you.

Freestanding or Built-In

You can choose from freestanding or built-in cabinets for your bathroom. Many homeowners prefer built-in options for their bathroom, as they maximize the space and are easier to clean. Freestanding cabinets are a good option for people seeking movable storage that they can shift over time depending on their needs.

Materials & Finishes

SureWood Fine Cabinetry offers bathroom cabinets made from many different woods and materials including:

  • Black Walnut
  • Zebra Wood
  • Rustic Beech
  • Cherry
  • Premium Alder
  • Hickory
  • Maple
  • Red Oak
  • Oaks
  • Pine
  • Almost anything—just ask!

The finish of your cabinets is particularly important in bathrooms due to the high levels of heat and humidity they regularly experience. The finish will protect the wood and material to make sure that it lasts for many years. The bathroom is the perfect place to be creative and use fun pops of color, especially if the rest of your house is simple. We offer a wide range of paint colors and finishes that you can mix-and-match for your dream bathroom.

Bathroom Vanities

Every bathroom needs a vanity that is beautiful, durable, and spacious. When choosing your vanity, keep in mind the needs of everyone in your home and what you would want to change about your current vanity.

Single Bathroom Vanities

Single vanities are ideal for smaller bathrooms, half bathrooms, and guest bathrooms. They are traditionally one mirror, a sink, and a vanity with storage. Pedestal style single vanities have a built-in sink bowl and a mirror attached for a one-piece unit. Floating wall-mounted designs are a great way to save space, as they have no storage underneath or pedestal. Free-standing single bathroom vanities can provide the most storage.

Double Bathroom Vanities

Double bathroom vanities are great for shared bathrooms, master bathrooms, and bathrooms that get a heavy amount of usage. These vanities have two sinks and lots of storage to ensure that everyone can fit their toiletries and cleaning supplies inside. Cabinet style vanities offer shelving and plenty of organization for big families. Free-standing double bathroom units come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to match any bathroom.

Bathroom Cabinets & Vanities from SureWood Fine Cabinetry

At SureWood Fine Cabinetry, we take pride in the quality of our workmanship, our excellent customer service, and our honest prices. We have years of experience in the industry and would love to guide you through the process of designing your own custom bathroom cabinet and countertop combinations. For more information on our many options, give us a call at 410-913-0834.