Why Remodel Your Bathroom?


You may need a bathroom remodel more than you realize!

The bathroom is probably, along with the kitchen, the room with the most used amenities and highest foot traffic in any household. Unfortunately, due to this, it is also the room that can suffer the most from wear and tear and succumb to potential damages from such high usage. As years pass and trends change you may feel your bathroom has become slightly outdated and bland looking. Outdated faucets and loose wall tiles can really become an eye-sore and can be, frankly, quite embarrassing if hosting guests. If this is the case for you then it is time to check and take into consideration the benefits that a remodeled bathroom can present to your home.

Adds Value to the Home

A bathroom is usually one of the smallest rooms in any house; however, it can have a significant impact on the value of your home. Nothing puts a prospective home buyer off more than an old, dreary, or confined bathroom. For the same reason, nothing attracts a prospective buyer more than an up-to-date and clean bathroom. A bathroom remodel can also be a long-term investment. With the instillation of products, such as, low-flow toilets or underfloor heating, you could find yourself slashing your energy bill by up to 50%. Updating your bathtub easily pays for itself in potential buyer interest and personal comfort!

What Causes the Damage?

Water leaks can cause floors to rot and mold to build up, not only on the floors but also on the walls, particularly in a bathroom that is not well ventilated. Often the mold and mildew cannot be seen and continue to build up over the years. The presence of mold can cause complications for people with respiratory problems or who are allergic to mold and suffer a wide variety of symptoms when exposed to it for even short periods of time. Removal of mold usually requires that the entire bathroom be remodeled. In severe cases, walls might have to be removed and rebuilt or floors removed and replaced. It’s best to stay two steps ahead of any damage by making sure you keep your bathroom ventilated, and regularly updating its features.


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