Where’s the Wine? Impress Your Guests with Your Dream Wine Cellar

wine cellar

When beginning research into a home wine cellar, there are a few things to consider before buying cases of your favorite wines.

Nothing in this world seems quite as luxurious as having a personal wine cellar in your very own home. You deserve to impress your house guests with the wine cellar of your dreams. When beginning research into a home wine cellar, there are a few things to consider before buying cases of your favorite wines. Here are a few tips for the wine enthusiast who’s ready to take the plunge and build the wine cellar everyone will be talking about for years to come.

Traditional Classics

Most of the home and commercial wine cellars you’ve seen have a similar, Mediterranean style. Usually, wine cellars take aesthetic features from rustic Italian or French architecture and incorporate those into their design. If you’re a traditionalist, this is your ideal wine cellar style. This design especially makes sense if that is the general style of your entire house, or even just your kitchen.

Contemporary Cool

If you have a more contemporary-style home, you should stick with that style for your wine cellar as well. It would look a bit odd transitioning from sleek, angular interior design to rustic-Italian features. Keep it simple, and match your luxury wine cellar to your overall household. A good rule of thumb is to consider the look of your kitchen. Think of your wine cellar like an extension of your kitchen’s style. Since wine is best enjoyed with food, your kitchen and wine cellar should share a similar theme. Just like parmesan pairs nicely with prosecco, your cellar should pair nicely with your kitchen.

Thinking Outside the Case

Maybe you have your own ideas about your home wine cellar design. Just like each wine has a unique and distinct flavor, you have your own unique style and attitude. Your wine cellar should be a reflection of your personality and tastes. Calling a professional and discussing your design ideas is the first step in turning your dream wine cellar into a reality.


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