Using Wine Cellars to Properly Store Wine

Wine Cellars

We don’t just make custom wine cellars, we also have some tips on how to store wine properly.

At Surewood Fine Cabinetry, we don’t stop at just creating quality kitchen and bathroom cabinets. We’re proud to say that we also craft fantastic wine cellars for your wine storage needs. For the serious wine collector, storing your wine is a critical part of the wine collection hobby. Not only are we dedicated to crafting high-quality wine cellars to your specifications, but we also want to spread knowledge. Here are some basic tips for using wine cellars to properly store wine.

Adequate Temperatures

The ideal temperature for your wine storage is between 45° F and 65° F, with 55° F typically being cited as the ideal temperature for storage. Anything higher and you run the risk of spoiling your wine, giving it off-flavors and aromas. Keeping your wine in areas that are too cold could likewise result in your wine losing its flavor, or worse yet, freezing entirely.

Horizontal Storing

Traditionally, wine bottles have been stored in their sides because this keeps this liquid up against the cork, which in theory may keep the cork from drying out. Nowadays, this isn’t always necessary, especially with the advent of newer wine bottle designs. Still, horizontal storing is a great way to save space and frankly, it’s a good aesthetic design. Wine cellars designed to store wine horizontally look great.

Low Lighting

Large amounts of light, especially sunlight, can cause damage to your wine. While most household light bulbs won’t impact the flavor at all, they can potentially damage the label, which might be a big deal to some wine owners. This is why wine bottles are somewhat dark, as their colored glass acts to filter out some of the light that hits the bottle.

Surewood Fine Cabinetry is Here to Help

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