The Top 3 Kitchen Island FAQs

kitchen island

Here are the answers to the top three kitchen island FAQs that will help you during your kitchen renovation.

If you’re looking for more usable space in your large kitchen, adding an island is an excellent choice. Islands are a versatile addition to any kitchen that can be customized to your needs and specifications. Whether you’re looking for additional prep zones, seating and eating counter space, an extra range, or a specialty fridge, an island can accommodate. Here are the answers to the top three kitchen island FAQs that will help you during your kitchen renovation. 

What Is The Typical Height?

Island counters range in height from 36 inches to 42 inches, depending on what you want to use the space for.  If you’re looking for extra seating room where people can eat, 42 inches allows for stools creating a lunch counter style area. If the whole island will be used for food preparation, expect a single level surface at the same height as the rest of your counters, usually 36 inches. If you want an island at a custom height – for instance, if you are much taller or shorter than average – ask your builder about options to accommodate your needs.

Does The Island Have to Have Outlets

Power outlets are not required on an island, however, they do make the island more versatile. If you have outlets installed, you can use gadgets like your blender or a bread machine or mixer there, instead of being tied to the wall. Unless you are severely limited in terms of costs or time, there aren’t any big reasons not to include electrical outlets in your island. They will make your life easier in the long run.

What Features Should It Include?

Islands also provide countertop space or can be home to your range (or a second range, if that’s what you want). Below the countertops, there is space for cabinets or even the installation of another fridge (a small one) or a dishwasher. Finally, don’t forget the space above the island. One joy of having an island is that there aren’t cabinets overhead to bump into, but consider adding some specialty lighting or a pot rack for additional storage.


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