Tips for Choosing the Perfect Granite Countertops


Choosing the right granite countertops can make or break your kitchen’s look.

If you’re drawing up the plans for a fabulous kitchen remodel and you’ve come to the question of countertops, then you already know that there are many options available that can suit the needs of your family and the look you’re striving to achieve. Homeowners who have done their research and have come to the conclusion that granite is the way to go may think that the decision-making process is over. However, there are still many factors to consider under the granite umbrella that will help you narrow down your search for the perfect countertop.


The most obvious factor to consider when choosing a granite countertop is the color. Look at your overall design concept to help you make this decision. If it’s a color that you want to match your flooring, fixtures, cabinets, and furniture, or one that you’d like to contrast but complement these features. Keep in mind that granite is typically a combination of many shades and that will allow you to be creative in your choice as lighting and other aspects in the space may help certain shades to stand out more than others.  


What is the style of your kitchen design? Will it be a modern space or have a more rustic feel? The answer to these questions will help you decide in which direction to go when it comes to the shape and edges of your countertop. You may also want to consider your home dynamic. If there are young children in the home, then sharp corners may be hazardous to little ones. Again, also keep in mind the look of your cabinets to achieve an overall cohesive look.

Overall Design

The function of your countertop is just as important as the style, if not more. Remembering how you use your kitchen will help narrow down your search for the perfect granite countertop. For example, will an undermount sink suit your needs better than another type? Talk with your designer and the professionals at Surewood to answer any remaining questions that you may have about making the perfect choice.


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