Tips for Childproofing Your Kitchen


Make your kitchen just right for the holiday season through some basic childproofing.

Making your kitchen a safe place to be is especially important if you have small children. Things that seem like common sense to avoid touching are not necessarily common sense to children. Whether you are having your niece over for Christmas or have three children currently grabbing your legs, here are some of our best tips for childproofing your kitchen.

Start with Cabinets and Drawers

Kitchen cabinets and kitchen drawers are the first two places that you will put any things that are too dangerous for the countertop. As a result, it’s especially important that they are secure and hard to open. When designing your cabinet and drawer systems, choose options that will automatically close and stay shut. If you have any cabinets that are close to the ground, you should add additional locking devices. This is essential if you keep cleaning products near your cooking space within reach of curious children. Whenever possible, move all cleaning supplies to a higher cabinet and add a lock.

Electricity in the Kitchen

Kitchens have a lot of different electrical and heating elements inside of them, so it’s critical to use a sharp eye when spotting things that need to be child-proofed. Start by making sure that your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector is in working order and has new batteries. Next, take the time to add socket protectors to any exposed electrical outlets. Keep all electronics unplugged and firmly closed when not in use. This includes things like the dishwasher and countertop items like blenders. Whenever possible, use the back burners on the stove when cooking.

The Finishing Touches

If you want to go a little bit further in child-proofing your kitchen, tackle the following:

  • Add edge and corner guards to the kitchen countertops
  • Use a safety gate to keep children from entering the kitchen whenever you are actively cooking
  • Add a fire extinguisher to your kitchen
  • Use knob covers to protect the dials on your stove

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