How to Tell You Need New Cabinets

New Cabinets

Is it time for new cabinets? Here’s how you can tell.

Are your cabinets looking a little bit past their prime? Have you been considering refacing your cabinets for a while now? Unfortunately, sometimes refacing just isn’t enough. Whether the existing structure is no longer structurally sound or the material cannot be refaced again, getting new cabinets is an expensive but exciting process. How can you tell if you need new cabinets?

Your Cabinets Were Inexpensive

If you moved into a home made from low-grade cabinets made of particle board or other inexpensive building materials, refacing won’t be an option for you. Without good bones to build on, the kitchen cabinet won’t be able to be refaced. Take a look at your kitchen cabinets to see what the cabinet skeleton and interior is made of. If the answer is particle board, plan on  having your cabinets replaced instead of refaced.

Your Cabinet Structure is Damaged

Sometimes, cabinets have a great base for refacing. Other times, the frame is suffering from water damage, insect infestation, or rotting. Sometimes the wood is swelling or falling apart. If the structure holding up your cabinets is damaged beyond repair, they will need to be replaced altogether. This is particularly important for the safety of your family, since broken and damaged cabinets are not safe to store or have hung in your kitchen.

You Want to Change the Layout

A kitchen remodel, or major layout change, calls for new kitchen cabinets. If you are moving your kitchen, radically changing the layout, or looking to change the way that other major elements (like appliances) are laid out, you’ll want to update your kitchen cabinets at the same time.

Your Cabinets Are Metal

Metal cabinets and cabinet frames were once very popular, but as they age they cannot be refaced. If you have metal cabinets and cabinet frames in your home today, plan on replacing them altogether once they are past their prime.

New Cabinets from Surewood Fine Cabinetry

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