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Surewood Fine Cabinetry

Surewood Fine Cabinetry is here to offer you a variety of cabinet, countertop, closet system, and wine cellar solutions.

Welcome to the new Surewood Fine Cabinetry blog! Our focus is providing you with quality craftsmanship in anything we build. Not only can we offer beautiful bath and kitchen cabinetry options, we also offer custom options for home theaters, wine cellars, built-ins and closet systems. We aim to be the best option out there and believe our work speaks for itself. Take a look at the services and products we offer and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or specific needs.

Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Surewood Fine Cabinetry is proud to offer a variety of different styles for your home. Do you prefer traditional 18th and 19th century cabinets? We can help bring that warmth into your home. Maybe you’re into the more contemporary look, something sleek and modern to match your lifestyle. We can do that, too.

Material Dreams

Our kitchen cabinets offer a lot of options, so let your imagination run wild. A good starting point may be the door style. Perhaps you want flexible flat panel cabinets that can mesh with either a traditional or contemporary look, or raised panel doors that will go well with your homey traditional look. Our doors come in a variety of options: if you’re considering paneled doors, oak, red oak, thermofoil, cherry, hickory, maple, and knotty alder are all options.

We’ve got alternatives to the more common looks as well. You may be interested in the perks of solid, flat slab-style cabinetry, which we offer in solid wood, high pressure laminate, and acrylic. If you’ve got some serious custom needs, Surewood Fine Cabinetry is happy to offer aluminum cabinetry or glass-paneled cabinetry. Whatever your need, we’ve got a cabinet to fit it.

Finishing It Off

Once you’ve picked out your cabinet style, it’s important to pair it with the perfect finish. Surewood Fine Cabinetry offers over 250 different finish options. We’ve got you covered with traditional paint options, like brick red or navy blue, and also allow you to express yourself uniquely through the option of using custom paint. We want your cabinets to match who you are as a person, and giving you the widest array of options possible is the best way to do so.

Speaking of options, some people don’t want to go the paint route. You may be interested in a nice cherry stain finish to really fit with how you feel your space should look. Or if you have beautiful oak cabinets and just want to highlight how amazing they are, go for a glaze finishing option to make your cabinets pop.

Considering Countertops?

Whatever cabinets you end up picking, you’ll need matching countertops. Surewood Fine Cabinetry is capable of using many different materials to make your countertop dreams come true. If you want the warm, inviting feeling that wood countertops can offer, we’ve got you covered. There are also granite, quartz, marble, and even corian options. All of these options can be a little overwhelming, but Surewood Fine Cabinetry is here to walk you through the decision process.

Kitchen Accessorizing

If you’ve got a range hood in your kitchen, you may need a custom mount to match everything else. You may need a wall mount, affixed directly to your wall to hold your range hood in place. We can also do under-the-cabinet mounts if you don’t have the space for a wall mount. Our wooden range hood mounts can be done however you imagine, whether you want zebra wood or something more traditional like maple.

Surewood Fine Cabinetry can also help you if you need a matching kitchen island. We can use whatever materials you used for your countertops to give you an additional space for cooking, hosting, or even a spot for kids to do their homework. Our islands are offered in all the same bountiful options that our countertops are, so let your imagination run wild.

Bring Your Home Together

Picking all the subtle details of your kitchen isn’t just about making it look nice, it’s about building an environment that your friends and family members want to be a part of. Make your kitchen a central point of your household where people want to gather and socialize.

Bathroom Design

Here at Surewood Fine Cabinetry, we’re happy to offer bathroom cabinets that don’t sacrifice quality for beauty. Our designs are elegant yet functional. No matter what ideas you have for the space, we can make them come alive. It’s our goal to be precise with every element of our bathroom design elements–whether that is through the colors picked, or style of the vanity, or even additional bathroom storage options.

Bathroom Colors

Bathroom color can determine the entire feel of your bathroom. It might be your personal escape, a hidden gem to let you get away from all your troubles. It could also function as a bright and fun space, meant to get your children excited about bath time. Getting your colors right will make planning your bathroom all that much easier.

Fixtures and Vanities

We have many different colors, styles, and finishes for whatever fixtures or vanities you might be interested in. Have a specific material in mind? Let us know. We want to work towards making your ideas come true. We can combine your imagination with our expert construction to make either built-in or freestanding cabinets and vanities.

Storage Options

Maximizing your bathroom space is important and we know it better than anyone. We can creative beautiful custom wall-mounted or freestanding storage solutions that are affordable, attractive, and useful. Never worry about where you’re going to keep your extra toilet paper or towels for the kids again.

Getting Countertops Just Right

Surewood Fine Cabinetry offers the same variety options for our bathroom countertops as we do for our kitchen countertops. No matter if you want to place an emphasis on function or beauty, Surewood Fine Cabinetry has got you covered. Designing a combination of personalized and unique countertops and cabinets is what we do best.

Custom Creations

We don’t just stop at covering the kitchen and bathroom basics. Our creativity expands to a wide range of custom products. Do you need an entertainment system? Or maybe a custom bar for your newly finished basement? No problem!

Closet Systems

Our custom closet systems can fit whatever need you may have. If you want something with customized cabinets, to hold a hamper or shoe rack, that’s definitely possible. Maybe you prefer drawers that feel a little more traditional and like home to you. We know how to make storage easy and fun.

Wine Cellars

Keeping wine perfectly preserved is incredibly important to having a good wine experience. At Surewood Fine Cabinetry, we know how to design a wine cellar that is temperature-controlled and easily-accessible. We can use a wide variety of materials to create wine racks the perfect size for your wine collection.

Surewood Fine Cabinetry is Here to Help

Wouldn’t you love to have brand new matching custom countertops and cabinets? We sure would! Our years in the industry is backed by our immense pride and a portfolio that we believe speaks for itself. We can’t wait to offer you our excellent customer service, affordable prices, and superior products. You won’t regret contacting us online or giving us a call at (410) 913-0834. To see examples of our work and stay up to date on our promotions, follow us on social media on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.

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