Storage Tips for Small Bathrooms


Small bathrooms can be a real headache, but with the right storage, it opens up a lot of room.

Bathrooms are a very important room in your home and you may find yourself strapped for space to store towels, beauty items, and other personal items, especially if you live with multiple people. Today we are going to talk about some of the ways you can beat the small bathroom blues without renovating.

Get Some Shelving

The best way to create storage without feeling the clutter is to create shelving high up on your walls. Buy some stackable shelves and do it yourself, reducing clutter by keeping it high. You can also install shelves with inverted brackets for extra design and place some of those more difficult items on them like dixie cups or cotton balls.

Utilize Your Cabinet Space

The cabinets in your bathroom have more potential than your realize. Don’t discount depth when it comes to storing cleaning supplies and the like. By some plastic stackable shelves and create more organized space inside your cabinets by using all the space there smartly. Avoiding the tendency to “toss things in” can be a real space saver.


Using a spice rack in a small bathroom is a great way of reducing clutter by moving storage up, but it also uses a product in a new way. Spice racks are the perfect size for hairspray, lotions, and deodorants and are easy to install. Keep them in reach but off of your precious sink tops.

Use Your Space

Even small bathrooms can be a haven even if they have tighter nooks and crannies. Install floating shelves and add discreet extras for your bathroom like q-tips or toilet paper on these shelves and a candle to add accent and avoid cluttering your cabinets too much.

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