How To Save Money With Your Bathroom Remodeling Project


Create the bathroom of your dreams with these easy money-saving tips!

When looking to remodel one or all of your bathrooms, it’s easy to become daunted by thinking about how much this project could potentially cost you. The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice style for savings. You can easily have the bathroom you’ve always wanted by making a few simple changes to your plans. Create the bathroom of your dreams with these easy money-saving tips!

Try Less Tile

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, tile tends to be the most costly expense of them all. If you can, try to limit the amount of tile being used for your project. Very few areas in the bathroom actually require tile, so talk to your remodeling contractor about how you can cut down on your tile order. Once you’ve done that, you can spend the money you’ve saved elsewhere.

Try Other Materials

If you have a limited budget, your countertops are a great way to cut back on extra expenses. Although they may be popular, granite is an expensive material to use for countertops. However, there are easy ways around this. You can opt for the less popular, less expensive granite color options. If unwilling to try a different color that you might not love, you can also find a slab with imperfections that will cost you much less than a perfect slab. You can find ways to hide the imperfections by talking to your experienced remodeling contractor.

Paint For An Instant Boost

Paint is one of the cheapest, easiest remodeling materials. After a fresh coat of paint, an entire room can be completely transformed. Choose a paint color that you love, and remember that you don’t necessarily have the buy from the most expensive brands. You can find a similar shade made by a generic brand or have the paint experts mix colors together to create a cheaper version of what you’re looking for.


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