Quartz vs. Granite: What Countertops Do You Need?


Is granite really all it’s cracked up to be? How does quartz compare?

Granite has long stood as one of the most coveted kitchen features. It’s all over TV, in magazines, and it seems to represent class and wealth. There’s also an appeal to the fact that it’s entirely natural, whereas plenty of alternatives–including quartz–aren’t. Granite and quartz are actually pretty similar though there are a few distinctions that are important enough that they may someone swing one way or another. Let’s take a look at what options you have when choosing countertops and which of these two titans comes out on top.

Cost Comparison

Both of these options aren’t particularly cost friendly. If your goal is to save money, you may want to look at laminate as an option for your countertops. Both quartz and granite continually shift in price due to them being outsourced overseas, which means that the price of gas and transportation changes how much they cost. However, they’re actually pretty similarly priced, which both starting around $60 and up per square foot.

Durability & Maintenance

Granite is completely natural, meaning that it has flaws and imperfections. For some homeowners, this is great and they come to love the imperfections in their granite. It’s also prone to chipping and staining from red wine. On the other hand, quartz is far less prone to staining and also have all of the flaws engineered out. There aren’t any invisible striations that are waiting to crack open some day as is possible with granite. Both require some level of maintenance, though quartz doesn’t need the initial or continued sealing that granite does.

Other Factors

Some homeowners are concerned about whether something is natural. Granite is completely natural, carried out from quarries and honed down until it’s smooth and pretty. On the other hand, quartz is between 93% and 97% natural, with other things being color pigments and polymer resins to bind everything together.

Making a Choice

In the end, pick whichever one you think looks better. If you like the look of some flaws, granite is perfect for you, but quartz will offer a cleaner look. Remember, too, that granite requires more maintenance!

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