What Should Parents Look For in a Kitchen?


Designing a kitchen with children in mind may not seem important, but it’s a good way to make your life easy.

If you’re a parent, you know how long your days can be. You end up running around like a headless chicken trying to do what’s best for the whole family. A lot of that spills over into those communal areas in your home–the bathrooms, the living room, and for many parents, the kitchen. Designing a kitchen with your children in mind may not seem like a priority and it’s easier to place your focus on design elements more relevant to your desires and tastes, but once you have a kitchen created with your kids in mind, you’ll realize how much easier it makes life.

Easy to Clean Surfaces

With kids, spills are bound to happen. That’s why being able to wipe your troubles away is so important! Quartz surfaces, for example, are durable and much less likely to stain than something like natural stone. If you’re a more budget-savvy home, laminate may be the best option for you–some kinds of laminate can even be made to imitate granite! You’ll also want to consider whether or not these surfaces are forgiving if your kids go plopping down a glass too hard on them. For example, glass tile is especially damage-prone, whereas quartz can cushion impacts even better than granite.

Perfect Pantry

An accessible pantry is the key to harmony for many households. Try pantry cabinets that have drawers capable of full extension which makes it easier for children to reach in and grab what they need. Ideally, you’ll have pantry drawers that are designated for children–they’ll be lower and thus reachable, but also stocked with parent-approved foods. Not only is it good to promote self-sufficiency in children, but it also makes it easier to think about and regulate your child’s diet.

Open Floor Plan

We’ve talked about the beauty of open floor plans before. It’s especially great for families who find it hard to keep track of everyone! If you’re able to easily flow from the kitchen to the living room, it makes monitoring your child much easier. It also makes a much more user-friendly and accessible home overall.

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