How Not To Organize A Small Closet

small closet

Avoid these mistakes when organizing your small closet.

Closets are one of the most utilized storage options because of their availability in our homes and their versatility. Usually, our homes have at least two closets in them so it makes sense that we’d use them as much as possible. However, if your closet is on the smaller side there are some mistakes that you should make sure to avoid at all costs. Here are some things to avoid when organizing your small closet!

Overstuffing It

It’s important to respect that your closet has a limited amount of space, so make sure that you don’t stuff it past its capacity. When your closet is packed like this, not only is it an eyesore but its functionality decreases as well. It’s very difficult to use a closet if it’s stuffed beyond its capacity. Make sure that you remove any element from your closet that you don’t need so it doesn’t get to this point.

Using Hangers Inefficiently

There is a wide variety of hangers out there and its important to choose the right hangers for your closet to make sure it’s well-organized. If you use hangers that are too big or clunky, you’ll find that they’ll take up valuable space that you could be using to store clothing and other items. Make sure to use the appropriate hangers and to consider whether you even need to use hangers for certain pieces of clothing. It might be a better option to fold them up and store them someplace else.

Relying Solely On Your Closet

Though your closet is an excellent storage option for your home, it’s important to make sure that you don’t rely solely on it to be your only option. When your closet is small, you have to get creative with your storage, so consider investing in a quality dresser to make up for the lack of space your closet has.

Using Too Many Organizational Elements

Despite your best intentions, sometimes you can actually make your organizational process worse by using too many elements. When your closet is small, your best option is to make the most of the space you have without introducing many other pieces. While shelves and other organizational elements have their place, they may do more harm than good in a small closet.


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