What Do You Need to Know About Kitchen Cabinet Doors?


Choosing the right cabinet doors can completely overhaul the way your kitchen looks.

You may be satisfied with the look and function of your current kitchen cabinets but if you see opportunity to add more impact then there are a lot of options available to you. In the kitchen cabinet world, the options are just as limitless as paint color. Consider the type, stability, and function of your cabinets when making a new purchase or even designing your own. Check out some of the elements you should remember before you walk into a store or talk to your designer.


Aside from the space inside, the most important element of the cabinet is its door. It not only gives you access to everything that you store inside but it also directly impacts the look. There are three different types of cabinet doors to choose from — inset, partial overlay, and full overlay.

  • Inset cabinet doors use small hinges that are mounted on the visible frame or just inside; making them visible even when the doors are shut.
  • Partial overlay doors are mounted over the box and completely cover the front of the finished frame.
  • Full overlay doors have a modern and sleek appeal. In this design, the doors completely cover the box. There also isn’t any frame available when the doors are closed.


Almost as important as the type of cabinet door are the details that really make them unique. These details are really what set each design apart from others and effect the function of the doors as well.

  • Edge banding is a detail that is present on every cabinet door. It’s used to cover the ends of the materials from where they’ve been cut. The banding is usually made from wood, melamine, or even PVC. Although it usually matches the rest of the cabinet, custom designs could use different stains to create a unique look.
  • The face of the doors is wood, plywood or particleboard, or even a combination. While most are flat, some come in raised designs that are pieced together.   


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