What Makes Wood Cabinets Unique?

Wood Cabinets

Wood cabinets are a highly sought kitchen design element, but what makes them so special?

Wood cabinetry is one of the most beautiful, long-lasting, and high-value things that you can add to your kitchen. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or looking to boost the value of your home, brand new wood cabinets make a phenomenal addition to your kitchen. Wooden cabinets are some of the most beloved, high-quality items that you can put in your home. What makes wood cabinets so unique?

Wood Cabinets Are Great for the Environment

Unlike synthetic materials, wood cabinets are made from a sustainable and renewable resource—wood! We make all of our cabinets from responsibly-sourced wood so that you can feel great about your kitchen remodeling. All of our cabinets are designed with your satisfaction and the future health of our beautiful planet in mind.

THEY Can Be Refaced

Cheaper cabinet materials need to be replaced the moment that they are old, scratched, or faded. Unlike other cabinet materials, wood cabinets can be refaced. During the refacing process, the top layer is sanded down and the cabinets themselves are re-stained and finished. You can enjoy a very affordable refinishing process with a high-impact result with wood cabinets. Thanks to refinishing, wood cabinets can also save you money in the long term, since you can reface them before you need to consider replacing them.

THEY Are Timeless

Are you considering selling your home in the future? Wood cabinets are a great way to boost the value of your home and suit every possible kitchen style and taste. Wood cabinets easily match with a variety of interior design styles from traditional, to Shaker, to modern. Wood cabinets are a timeless and safe choice. They will age beautifully and complement your home while you are living in it, and long after your home sale closes.

New Cabinets from Surewood Fine Cabinetry

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