How to Make a Big Statement with a Small Bathroom

powder room

These easy tips will help you design a modern powder room that is sure to impress all of your guests.

Your first-floor powder room is the perfect space to exercise your interior design creativity. Although the small space doesn’t require a ton of work, it can make a large statement. If you’ve ever been curious about wallpaper or interesting bathroom fixtures, your powder room is the perfect place to experiment. Your small yet mighty powder room should pack an interior design punch that is memorable. These easy tips will help you design a modern powder room that is sure to impress all of your guests.

Go Big

It’s easy to make a statement in a small room with some interesting fixtures. If you have a large, ornate, vintage mirror that you’ve been looking hang up, your powder room is the perfect place to display it. Also, this is a space where you can add your true personal style to anything. Obsessed with the rose gold trend that’s so popular right now? Look into rose gold faucets and knobs. Love those quirky drawer pulls you see at your favorite shops? Add them to your powder room drawers for a fun finish.

Think Retro

Wallpaper might sound like some kind of ancient relic, but it’s making a huge comeback — especially in powder rooms. Since powder rooms are tiny spaces, this is also the easiest place to complete such a task. Whether you’re interested in traditional floral wallpaper or a more contemporary, geometric look, there’s a wallpaper that will completely transform your powder room.

Lighting is Everything

Lighting is important in every single room of your house, but it is especially important in your powder room. If you’re going for big trends with interesting wallpaper and modern fixtures, you’re lighting needs to make the whole room look perfect. Too bright of lighting won’t make any aspects of your design look very good. Too dim of lighting, and your guests will be lost looking for the soap. Dimmable sconces are a great way to create a warm, glowing feeling. Overhead, recessed lighting is another attractive lighting technique. Adding both recessed lighting as well as some trendy sconces beside the mirror will make your powder room the most stylish space in your house with very little effort.


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