How to Maintain Your Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinets

Keeping your cabinets as clean and sleek as they day they were installed is key to keeping a well-manicured kitchen.

After making the smart choice of investing in custom kitchen cabinets, you need to know how to maintain them. Kitchens get messy, and it’s easy to let grease from cooking build up over time. Keeping your cabinets as clean and sleek as they day they were installed is key to keeping a well-manicured kitchen. Here are some simple ways that you can maintain the elegance of your custom kitchen cabinets.

Simple Soap Solution

It may sound simple, well because, it is simple. You already have dish soap and water in your kitchen, so why not try it in more than just dishes and pots and pans? Mix warm water with whatever dish soap you have on hand, and use a damp cloth to wipe down your kitchen cabinets. The dish soap will cut through grease splatter marks and leave a clean, fresh smell.

Vinegar and Water

Another great, old-fashioned kitchen cabinet cleaning method is warm water mixed with white vinegar. A half and half solution of water and white vinegar is a great alternative to store-bought cleaning solutions. The smell of vinegar may be unpleasant at first, but will go away as soon as it starts to dissolve.

On the Inside

Of course, the inside of your custom kitchen cabinets is just as important as the outside. Especially if you have incorporated glass kitchen cabinet doors into your home, you’ll want to be sure that the inside of your cabinets looks neat and organized.

On the Outside

When cleaning the outside of your kitchen cabinets with whatever solutions you’re willing to try, it’s important to keep  a few things in mind. Be sure that your entire sponge or cloth is submerged in your solution. Also, be sure to thoroughly clean any of the grooves and details where grease and food particles might be hiding.


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