How to Maintain and Clean Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are a beautiful addition to your space, but you need to care for them properly.

Granite countertops are beautiful, durable, and increasingly popular. They do, however, require some TLC to look their best for the long haul. While they are lower maintenance than many other materials, and ideal for busy homeowners, this does not mean that they need nothing at all. This care includes removing stains, sealing the surface, and also wiping it down. Read on to learn all about caring for a beautiful granite countertop.

To Seal Or Not To Seal?

While most granite countertops do not require a sealant, they can benefit from them for several reasons. Sealants give your countertop an extra layer of protection from spills by making the surface even more moisture resistant. However, make sure that your countertops have not already be sealed before you decide to do it.

Choose A High-Quality Sealant

Any sealer you choose should include all of these benefits. It should be long-lasting, with a 10-15 year life. It should also be oleophobic, or resistant to water, oil, and fat based stains. It is important to find one that will penetrate your granite properly and seal and grooves or spaces in the stone. Read labels carefully and don’t choose one based on low price alone.  

Daily Care of Granite Countertops

Use a pH neutral cleanser and a soft cloth to wipe down and care for your countertops. Do not use harsh cleansers or scrubbers. While granite is durable and can stand up to a lot, repeated use of acidic cleansers and harsh sponges over a long period of time will eventually scratch and wear down your sealant. Avoid Windex and vinegar and stick with a pH neutral soap. Most dish soaps you can find in any kitchen will do the job just fine and leave you with a clean countertop.


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