Kitchen Remodeling: Open Kitchens!

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is a great time to open your kitchen up and breathe some fresh air into the space.

If you want to open up your kitchen, it can be done with some smart kitchen remodeling choices. Take a look at these kitchen remodeling tips to help create the ultimate open kitchen plan.

Tearing Down A Wall

If you are looking to create an open feel in an existing space, you may want to remove one of the walls between the kitchen and an adjacent room. When you do this, you have a lot more room to play with and can add a number of features. These can include a bigger island, extra appliances, or a banquet area.  

Opt for Glass

Using glass can make any space feel more open without doing much intensive work or renovations. This is of course entirely up to you, and updates can be as minimal or intensive as you like. Replacing doors with glass, adding new windows, and using glass-front cabinets and display shelves are some options to open up your kitchen.

Lighting Is Key

Lighting can be the difference between a bright and inviting space and one that feels cramped. Without lighting, a space can look dingy and small. Consider a skylight.  

Go For Light Colors

The fact of the matter is, dark colors make spaces look smaller. If you want to trick the eye without major renovations, opt for light-colored walls, appliances, cabinetry, and more. Don’t forget the ceiling either. If it is dark and dingy, brighten it up!  

Make Use Of Your Space

If you have a dead corner that’s being unused or is simply piled with things, give it a lively purpose to breathe life into your space. Clear out a corner and use it for something like entertaining or aesthetics to get the most from your space.


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