Kitchen Remodeling 101: How to Choose the Best Paint Color

kitchen remodeling

Turn your current kitchen into your dream kitchen with these trendy paint colors.

Choosing the right paint color for your kitchen comes with many trials and tribulations. If you feel like all you do is look at paint swatches but have a hard time coming to any conclusion, this simple paint color guide will lead you in the right direction. Your kitchen should be a reflection of your personal style and taste while also creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Turn your current kitchen into your dream kitchen with these trendy paint colors.

Effortless Gray

Gray is the kitchen paint color that has stolen the spotlight for the past few years. Neutrals like gray are perfect for communal spaces like a kitchen because of their versatility. When it comes to your kitchen, gray is a fantastic choice because it comes in a wide variety of hues and tones which can change depending on the natural and electric lighting of your kitchen. While choosing the best shade of gray may seem overwhelming, you can easily narrow down your choices by deciding you want a cooler tone with more purple undertones or warmer tone with more beige undertones. Sampling some colors by painting small sections of your kitchen walls is the best way to see what each color will look like at different times of the day.

Calm Down with Blue

Blue is another great kitchen color because of its versatility. Whether you’re looking for the slightest shade of blue for a beachy feel in your kitchen or you’re willing to try a bolder shade of blue, blue is an easy way to make your kitchen feel like a calming, charming cooking and entertaining space. If you like to stay on top of the hottest trends, French country blue or Wedgewood blue has been a popular kitchen and dining room paint color as well.

Spike Your Appetite with Yellow

Vincent Van Gogh painted his kitchen yellow because he loved the color as it brought warmth into his home. If you’re considering painting your kitchen yellow, choosing the right shade and tone is very important. Yellow is said to stimulate the appetite, but the wrong shade can be too harsh. Going with a subtle and light yellow will give you the warmth you’re looking for without being overwhelming.



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