Kitchen Organization Tips

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Using drawer dividers is a great way to organize your kitchen.

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen cooking, cleaning, and even entertaining guests from time to time. As you accumulate more things though, you might find that every time you look up there is less and less space in the kitchen for you to use. You may notice that you can’t fit all your dishes in your dishwasher anymore or that you just can’t find a place to put your pots and pans. Here are some tips you can use to organize your kitchen.

Use Vertical Storage

Once you’ve exhausted all of the kitchen storage options that typically come to mind, it may be time to get to use your vertical storage options. Your doors, walls, and even your ceiling can be used to store things in your kitchen. You can drape towels over the handle of your oven door or over your cabinet.  The walls of your kitchen are the perfect place for you to add hooks so you can store mugs, ladles, or measuring cups. Another creative way you can store things in your kitchen is adding a metal grid over your kitchen hanger that you can use to store pots and pans.

Organize Your Drawers

Sometimes kitchen drawers can be a mess!  Your drawers can hold old takeout menus and all sorts of random utensils, which can make it hard to find what you need. Not only that, but these often unnecessary items are taking up valuable space that could be used for something more important. Consider assigning particular drawers to items that are similar to each other. That way, you know exactly to find what you’re looking for. You can add drawer dividers to your drawers to carve out the space you need.

Use Baskets & Bins To Store Food

Boxes of food can take up a lot of space in your kitchen and consolidating them can leave you with a lot more space in your kitchen. For example, instead of having half-empty containers of oatmeal, you can place the oatmeal from them into one container that doesn’t take up much space.  This tip is especially helpful with storing cereal because it will keep your cereal fresh while also allowing you the added bonus of seeing if you’re running out of anything.


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