Kitchen Island Dos and Don’ts

Everyone’s dream kitchen involves a grand island in the center of it. What you don’t know is that there are many easily made mistakes when it comes to installing kitchen islands. Don’t let your dream kitchen turn into a nightmare simply because of your island.

kitchen island

These simple kitchen island dos and don’ts will help you transform your bland kitchen into the elegant and efficient kitchen you’ve always wanted.


Create Your Dream Design: It is important that your kitchen island complements the rest of your kitchen. Be sure the style of your island matches well with the other appliances and finishes you have. A kitchen island shouldn’t be overbearing or obvious. It’s meant to be stately, yet efficient.

Electrify Your Island: You need a lot of outlets in your kitchen, and not just for the usual kitchen appliances. If your kids do homework or projects in the kitchen, outlets for laptops or tablets are ideal. In the world of ever-advancing technology, the more outlets, the better.

Measure Properly: This may be the most important tip of them all. Be sure to measure. Then measure again. There is nothing worse than planning for your perfect kitchen island only to realize it is not perfect because it is too big or too small. Contact a trusted, local kitchen remodeling service if you need help with exact measurements.

Be Specific: Give your island a specific purpose. If it’s meant to be an extra space for food prep, add a sink. If its purpose is for additional dining space, store dinnerware in the island.



Go Overboard: Some people think the bigger, the better. This isn’t necessarily the case for your kitchen island. If you have a big enough kitchen that can accommodate a large island, go for it. If your kitchen is small, keep the island to scale.

Plan Poorly for Storage: Your island is supposed to maximize efficiency and flow. Storage should be one of your top priorities when designing it.

Skimp on the Seating: Make sure you keep seating in mind. Islands are a great way to add additional seating to any kitchen.


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