Guide to Installing Kitchen Cabinet Crown Molding


Your kitchen cabinet may benefit from the perfect crown molding. Here’s how it’s done.

Crown molding may just be what ties your kitchen cabinet in with the rest of the room. It merges the top of your cabinet with your ceiling and, in some instances, your cabinet simply won’t look right without crown molding. That said, it can be a hard job to perform without the help of a competent contractor. Read on below to find out how to install kitchen cabinet crown molding that will bring your kitchen together.

First Steps

First, if you’re installing new molding on a cabinet that already has crown molding, you’ll need to remove the existing molding with a hammer and flat pry bar. Next, you’ll start affixing the new crown molding. To do this, hold two short 1x4s flat against your ceiling, overlapping at the cabinet corner. Mark a line where the overlapping boards meet. Then, use a combination square to draw a line across one board connecting the inside and outside corners. Now it’s time to start with the tools!

Utilizing Your Tools

Now you’ll stack the two 1x4s on the miter-saw table and adjust the blade angle to cut along the pencil line. You want to measure across the cabinets from one inside corner to another in order to determine the length of the crown molding itself. Next, set the saw-blade miter angle using the 1×4 guide block. Start cutting the left-hand miter joint, while marking the crown molding’s length, then use the other guide block to set the saw blade and cut the right-hand miter.

Making it Fit

Press the crown molding against the cabinet and tight to the ceiling. Nail it to the cabinet with a pneumatic brad nailer and 11/4-inch brads. You need to simply cut the mating angle on the next piece of crown and apply carpenter’s glue to the end of the molding. Now, hold the second piece of crown tight against the first piece and nail it to the cabinet. Repeat until the piece of crown goes back to the wall and you’re done!

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