Five Ways to Tell You Need New Kitchen Cabinets


It may be time to replace or repair your kitchen cabinets

Knowing when to repair your old cabinets versus replacing them completely can be difficult. In general, well-kept cabinets can last for up to 50 years or more, but there are instances when it’s time for them to go. If your cabinets are a source of strife, there are five main tips to help you decide between replacement and repairs. Should you choose to replace your cabinets, be sure to use a reliable company, if you’re putting the time and money into a replacement, it’s best to ensure that your new cabinets will last.

Water Damage

Since most cabinetry is crafted from wood, cabinets are often subject to water damage. Kitchens are often a source of humidity and leaks if not well ventilated or if the plumbing has issues. Keep an eye out for swelling, improper closure, and dark spots as these can be definite signs of water damage.

Mold Growth

Where there is water damage, there is usually often mold. Even if the water damage was initially treated, the long-term effects of the issue might remain in the form of mold and mildew growth. Not only can mold and mildew cause damage to the structural integrity of your cabinetry, but they cause serious health issues as well. If you notice small amounts of mold and are able to catch it early, you may be able to treat it. If the mold is older and more extensive, replacement may be your best option.

Soft Sides

Checking the structural integrity of your cabinetry is an excellent place to start if you were considering repairs first. Push on the sides of your cabinets, if they feel soft, this can be a sign that the integrity has been lost and that it’s time for them to go.

Poor Functionality

Even the most beautiful cabinets can be functionally bad. If there is unusable space, if the doors slam into each other, or if drawers stick or won’t close properly, its likely time for a whole new system. Not only will this decrease your irritation, but you’ll have more usable space.

The Cabinet Box Is Worn Out

If the wood in your cabinets is wold, worn out, and has a surplus of holes from previous repairs, it may not be possible repair. This issue is often referred to as a worn out box and means that your cabinets aren’t able to support the new holes that would be needed for replacement hinges and joints.


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