Design Elements for Small Kitchens


Small kitchens may seem limiting but with a few helpful ideas at your side, you can make the space perfect.

If you have a small kitchen, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with the space! By using clever design elements, you can maximize the small amount of space that you have and make a small kitchen feel much larger. Here are some of our favorite design elements to use in small kitchens.

Use Your Vertical Space Wisely

Do you have a small kitchen with tall ceilings? This is key to making small kitchens look and feel bigger. Use larger cabinets to extend the space and get more storage out of the room. You can even add small cabinets on top of upper cabinets to get the most possible usage of vertical space if you are interested and your walls are high enough.

Use Storage Within Storage

Organizational tools are more advanced than ever before, and small kitchen cabinets are a great place to experiment with versatile storage. Use storage devices inside of your cabinets to keep things straight. Dividers can be used to keep cookie sheets, lids, and frying pans in place. You can also experiment with roll-out trays that can give you easy access to pots, pans, and even spices. Work with the professionals at Surewood Fine Cabinetry to figure out which storage within storage is the best for you.

Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter is the biggest visual killer of a small kitchen. It can add up quickly and makes your small kitchen appear even smaller. Don’t leave too many appliances or decorations on the counter, as it ruins the clean lines visually. A small kitchen is already without much counter space, so placing objects on top of the countertops is a bad idea. Regularly clean up your small kitchen to get rid of clutter and keep your small kitchen looking larger.

New Cabinets from Surewood Fine Cabinetry

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