How to Create a Pet Friendly Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design

Thinking about good kitchen design includes everyone. That even means the pets.

It’s a huge decision to renovate your kitchen design or settle on a design for a new home. We tend to try to accommodate all the members of our families–an island for the kids to do homework at, all the proper accessories for the adults, and so on–but one member of the family often forgotten about is the pet. Whether your dog is your best friend or you’ve got a feline presence in your home, you’ll want to consider your pet when creating the perfect kitchen design.

Food Storage

Storing your pet’s food is important, as you don’t want pests to get to it or for it to lose some of its flavor! While some pet owners opt for standing trash cans to hold their pet’s food, this may not be optimal for a sleek kitchen design. The alternative is to use pull out trash bins. It keeps your pet’s food out of sight and out of mind until you need it. You can even use motion sensors or a foot pedal to make accessing your pet’s delicious meals even easier!

Water and Food Bowls

Pet food bowls have a tendency to get kicked around, spilling food and water all over the place. Instead of having your bowls resting on the floor, try having a built in addition at the end of your kitchen island or pull-out cabinets specifically for your pets. This will make cleanup even easier, as you won’t have people tripping over your pet food bowls but even if anything gets knocked awry, this kitchen design element will keep the mess isolated.

Other Tips and Tricks for Kitchen Design

You can also opt to put a pet bed somewhere in the kitchen. Choose something that is durable and easy to clean. Some people tend to place their litter box, pet sink, or grooming areas in their kitchen design as well, but these may be better suited for a laundry room or mudroom if you have the space. Lastly, store your pet’s treats in a cabinet that everyone in the family can reach so they can all reward your pet when needed!

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