Considering Kitchen Island Design

Kitchen Island

Adding a kitchen island to your space can completely transform how you use it.

A kitchen island is an excellent option for any home. We get the added benefit of that little extra space to work and eat, without having to add another room onto the house. If you have an island, you know that it’s the place where kids eat cereal, do homework, and have that after-school snack. It’s the place where our friends can sit and socialize with us while we’re prepping food for a party. It’s also where we take a break from making dinner, and kick back and relax. But, there are a few things to think about before deciding on the design of a kitchen island. Fortunately, we’re here to help!

Consider the Shape of your Kitchen Island

The shape of your kitchen island should conform to the size of your kitchen and improve, rather than impede, traffic flow. Rectangular kitchen islands are the most common and work for every kitchen design from coastal to modern. For small kitchens, where maneuverability is an issue, an oval-shaped island is a good choice. In open floor plans, a triangle or wedge-shaped island can help to separate the kitchen from the great room. Only the very largest of kitchens can accommodate a horseshoe-shaped island. This shape is also ideal for rooms that offer a panoramic view.

Popular Designs

  • Architectural islands typically feature two height levels with bar stools on one side, and counter height on the other. These often include pillars and can serve as the focal point of your kitchen design.
  • Built-in islands are ideal for homeowners who need additional out-of-sight storage for small appliances, pots and pans, or dinnerware. A towel bar or hooks can be mounted on the side to store towels, dishrags or even frequently used utensils.
  • Mobile cart islands are inexpensive and ideal for small kitchens. Whether for extra prep space or storage for little-used items, mobile islands are there when you need them, and out of the way when you don’t.


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