What to Consider When Buying Modern Cabinets

Modern Cabinets

Thinking about getting modern cabinets? Here are a few things to consider.

Changing the face of your cabinetry can change the entire feel of your kitchen. As choosing a uniform style for all cabinet pieces covers the largest surface area of your kitchen with the same material, handles, and color, it’s an important decision when giving your kitchen a makeover. It’s more than okay to skew traditional with your look, but it’s important not to let your home feel dated – after all, you’re living it today, so it shouldn’t feel like the same home another family lived in 50 years ago. There are a few key factors to consider before you break out the toolbox and head to the hardware store.

Cabinet and Door Construction Style

There is a whole world of information available when making this decision; it can be easily overwhelming. It may help to dissect your selection with a few categories: framed vs. frameless, for one. A framed cabinet’s face is framed, with drawers and sections build into the front of it. A frameless cabinet allows for more open organization, and may only have one drawer and one cabinet section. Standard overlay, inset, and full overlay are a few of the basic door options. Standard overlay appeals to the more nostalgic soul, maybe touching on a memory of your mom’s cabinetry. Inset can feel traditional as well, as the doors are attached within the cabinet itself, although this look is a bit more modern than the standard overlay. Full overlay is the biggest leap into the future – the drawers of these modern cabinets appear to touch, making the whole cabinet set seem effortless and sleek. It’s worth the research to decide what fits best for you.

Door Fronts and Material Selection – Surface Problems

Once you’ve selected your cabinet and door constructions, you must select the visual. Door fronts can range, generally speaking, from flat front, (trimless, sharp imaging,) to simple shaker, (simple and elegant, with handles in the center,) to minimal detailing door fronts (just the bones – nothing frilly and round, comforting trim.) Materials selection is really where your personality can shine. Modern cabinets call to mind new-age materials: glass, metal, even laminate to finish your kitchen with a glossy look. But if you’ve chosen modern construction styles, there’s no reason you can’t finish your modern cabinets with a dark mahogany or warm chestnut, and even go two-toned with your kitchen by painting the trim of your wooden cabinetry with a bold pop of robin’s egg blue, or lipstick red.

Surewood Fine Cabinetry Knows It All

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