Why Choose Traditional Cabinets?

Traditional Cabinets

Why should you opt for traditional cabinets in favor of their modern counterparts?

It is a well-known fact that your kitchen cabinets are a huge center point in your kitchen. Maybe without even thinking about it, the cabinets you choose can affect the feeling of the room. Cabinets are a necessity for a kitchen and this week we are going to be talking about styling your cabinets in the traditional way versus their modern counterparts.

How to Define Traditional

You may be wondering how something is defined as traditional versus modern; traditional kitchen cabinets are typically darker and look more “solid.” You may have noticed if you watch a lot of HGTV that contemporary homes are typically characterized by open spaces, light colors, and cabinets that might be considered more “dainty.” Interior design that follows a traditional inspiration tends to have more of a textured appearance as opposed to the sleekness of modern.

So Why Go Traditional?

There are a lot of reasons to go traditional, and a lot of them have to do with bringing a stronger sense of home to your kitchen. When you go traditional you are often going closer to nature; many traditional cabinets are made from wood and have traditional knobs. If you want to bring some of the classic, some of the farm, or some of the simple into your home traditional style cabinets are the way to go. Simple and homely aren’t bad adjectives- they may, in fact, describe your perfect kitchen to give you a feeling of farm-to-kitchen every day.

If you don’t like the idea of a darker motif for your cabinets, remember that wood varies in colors from very light to very dark, talk with your contractor to help you choose the best shade for you based on how you want your home to appear. If you are sold on traditional cabinets but need more inspiration for the rest of your kitchen try looking for big countertops, stone floors and keep your eyes open for natural materials.

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