Black Cabinets Are All the Rage This Year: Here’s Why

black cabinets

No matter which room you’re looking to remodel, black cabinets will amp up your home’s overall style.

If you watch any home improvement TV shows or review interior design blogs, you have seen a plethora of homes with black cabinets. This design trend is exploding — and for good reason. Black is elegant, sleek, and glamorous. No matter which room you’re looking to remodel, black cabinets will amp up your home’s overall style.

Perfect for Kitchens

The modern kitchen has become more than a place to store and prepare food. The kitchen has become the center of every home, no matter how traditional the architecture of the home may be. The kitchen the place where everyone migrates, so enhance your kitchen’s style with black cabinets for your kitchen island or around the perimeter.

Ideal for Bathrooms

Bathrooms are another great place for black paint on your cabinets. A dark stain on cabinets is a trend of the past. Painting your bathroom cabinets black will create an elegant balance in your home. Black is a classic color for a reason. It makes everything look better, sleeker, and high-fashion.

Easy Maintenance

One of the best things about dark colors is that they don’t show the dirt, grime, and mess that inevitably shows up on the classic white cabinets. In the kitchen, food residue and splatter somehow manages to get everywhere, and you might not always have the time to do a full kitchen cabinet wipe-down. The same goes for your bathroom. Somehow make-up gets dripped or dropped, and even after wiping the cabinets down, they still have a tinge to them. Avoid the mess altogether with simple black painted cabinets.

Great Versatility

If you’re worried that black cabinets won’t look as good with your kitchen or bathroom countertops, think again. Black cabinets, like the traditional white cabinets, looks great with almost any countertop. Black looks especially good though with white, gray, or marble countertops. You do want to create a bit of contrast between your cabinets and your countertops, so choose a countertop that is not too dark.


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