What are the Benefits of Range Hoods?

Range Hoods

Are range hoods a necessity for every kitchen and would one work for you?

Are you considering a kitchen remodel or renovation? In the sea of luxury appliances and new trends that make cooking and spending time in your new kitchen enjoyable, don’t forget a range hood! A range hood for your kitchen is designed to expel gases or smoke from that sauce you left on high for a bit too long or any other gas related to cooking like steam, and other odors from inside your home. When considering a range hood for your kitchen, keep in mind these benefits.

Keeps your Air Clean

Range hoods are designed to remove gases, odors, heat, and steam that happen when you’re preparing a meal. Some range hoods will release that air outside of your home, but some have a filtration system that will clean and recirculate the air back into your home, and some others have the ability to remove grease from the air as well.

With the push of a button, range hoods suck all of the potentially toxic pollutants from your kitchen which will reduce the amount of bacteria and mold growth. However, your best weapon against poor indoor air quality is to have a HEPA air purifier or air filter running.

Removes Excess Kitchen Heat

If you can’t handle the heat, don’t get out of the kitchen, just get a new range hood! Using your stove and oven can really warm up your whole house and a range hood can make it more comfortable. Range hoods come with built-in features like a fan blower that simultaneously sucks out toxic air while removing some of the heat. It won’t keep you cool like an air conditioner, but it will make it a little more comfortable while running around in your kitchen.

Improved Lighting

One of the most useful benefits of a good range hood is the lighting. Not just for cooking purposes, but for cleaning purposes too! The extra, direct overhead lighting for your stove top doesn’t just help you see exactly what you’re doing, but also helps you see what mess you’re making. Range hood lighting can improve the quality of your cooking simply by showing you just how done things are or how close to burned they are.

Also, range hood lighting can save you money by just using one bulb over all of your kitchen lights when it’s not necessary. The bulbs on range hoods are typically lower wattage, and why use every light in your kitchen when it’s not necessary?


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