The Basics of Bathroom Vanities


Your bathroom vanity may be the centerpiece of your bathroom remodel.

While choosing a vanity is largely about aesthetics, nailing down that perfect look for your bathroom, there’s also a lot to consider when going through the purchasing process. Perhaps you’re updating your master bathroom to suit your style or just trying to find any vanity that will fit your small space. Either way, here at Surewood Fine Cabinetry, we want you to be able to knowledgeably decide which bathroom vanity is best for you.

Thinking Space

Before making a purchase, you must be sure to measure your space. Think about what your requirements are for counter space as well as storage space in cabinets. Typically, the width and depth are fixed measurements impacted by the physical space in your bathroom, though the height is a dimension you can play with more. If desired, you may be able to add a mirror or medicine cabinet above the vanity. You also want it to be the right height based on your personal preferences.

How Many Sinks?

If space isn’t much of a concern for you, then you may have the option to choose between a single vanity and a double vanity. Smaller spaces do well with a single vanity. Pedestal sinks are a great option too, as they take up much less real estate in those tight spaces. Double vanities are ideal for any shared bathroom but keep in mind that two sinks usually require a width of 48” or more.

Considering Mounting

When it comes to mounting, you have a few options:

  • Free standing. Free standing bathroom vanities are the most common kind you’ll see. They resemble a chest and have legs that touch the ground. Typically, free standing vanities offer the best storage as well.
  • Wall-mounted. Wall-mounted vanities hang, or appear to float, on the wall without any legs touching the ground. This is a modern style that is great for smaller bathrooms where space is a concern and you aren’t in a dire need for storage space.
  • Corner-mounted. If space is a serious concern, look no further than the corner-mounted bathroom vanity. These vanities have a 90-degree angled back so they’re able to slide into a corner, maximizing on the space available to you.

Surewood Fine Cabinetry is Here to Help

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