5 Storage Tips For Small Bathrooms

Maximize the space in your small bathroom with the following tips!

Maximize the space in your small bathroom with the following tips!

Somehow, it always feels like you never have enough storage space in your home, and where you do have available space, it is always a tight squeeze to store your belongings there. This especially holds true for your bathroom, since it is typically one of the smaller spaces in your home. There is only so much storage space for all your toiletries, making it easy to quickly run out of space. If storage space is a consistent problem in your home’s bathroom, then follow these storage tips for small bathrooms.

Minimalize toiletries

An easy way to free up storage room in your bathroom is to try and keep the number of toiletries you have to a minimum. This helps you to stay on top of the organization in your bathroom, and by only keeping the necessities, frees up plenty of space from items you will not use.

Floating shelves

When dealing with small bathrooms, one of the best ways to create extra storage space is to add floating shelves. You can use these floating shelves to keep extra rolls of toilet paper and other small toiletries, or even a candle, in your bathroom without taking up space in your closet or cabinet.

Under the sink

An underutilized area in your small bathroom is most likely the space under your sink. The area under your sink is a spacious part of your bathroom that is practically begging you to be used for storage purposes. Additional shelving can also be installed under your sink to create even more space for you to use.

Upgrade your cabinet

The fact of the matter is, if you do not have enough space in your cabinet, you may need a new cabinet. You can try all you want to create extra space and storage in your bathroom, but if it cannot fit everything you and your family use, then it might be time to upgrade to a larger cabinet that can handle all of your bathroom products.

Hideaway your Trashcan

You can create more space in your bathroom by keeping your trashcan out of sight. This means instead of having your trashcan out in the open and taking up space, you can try attaching it inside of a cabinet door.


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