5 Steps For Expertly Organizing Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets

custom kitchen cabinets

With this handy guide, you will have your new custom kitchen cabinets organized in a way that suits you!

Organizing your custom kitchen cabinets is no easy feat. After remodeling your kitchen to give you all the storage space you need, you now need to decide how and where to place all of your kitchen items. With this handy guide, you will have your new custom kitchen cabinets organized in a way that suits you!

Baskets & Bins

Everyone has small items in their kitchens that feel like they clutter up space. By placing these smaller items into baskets and bins, your kitchen cabinets will be clutter-free. Necessary kitchen items like spices and produce that doesn’t need to be refrigerated can be placed in baskets for easy access every time you need to grab something.

Drawer Organizers

Drawers can quickly become overrun with clutter. You don’t want every drawer in your kitchen to turn into the junk drawer. With custom cabinetry solutions, you can have built-in organizers in the drawers themselves. These are perfect for flatware, serving utensils, and other small items you prefer to store in drawers.

Bowls, Pots, & Pans

Unorganized bowls, pots, and pans can make your cabinets feel like a nightmare. Remember to always nest these kitchen essentials to conserve space. If you want to be extra careful with more expensive bowls and serveware, place a paper towel in between each item to prevent any scratches or other damage from happening.

Glassware & Dinnerware

The best way to organize your glassware and dinnerware, according to experts, is by pattern, collection, or function. Keep the dishes and glassware you use for parties and events in one cabinet and your everyday dinnerware and glassware in another. Make sure that your everyday items are stored near your dishwasher and sink for easy access when they’re ready to be put away.


Utensils should go into containers that you keep near your cooktop for easy access when prepping and cooking. Place your wooden utensils in one container and your stainless steel utensils in another to create an organized look.


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