5 Reasons Why You Should Paint Your Bathroom Door Black


During your bathroom remodeling project, choose a black door for a simple yet hugely stylish change.

Bathrooms are often overlooked and ignored, but adding something as simple as a black door will enhance both the bathroom and its connecting room entirely. Black is known to be elegant and timeless, so painting your interior doors black will give a classic look to your home that will impress all your guests. During your bathroom remodeling project, choose a black door for a simple yet hugely stylish change.

They Are Elegant

Black doors are classy. It’s simple, but it’s true. Pretty much everything looks better in black. It creates an elegance than many other colors and finishes cannot. When remodeling your bathroom, black should be incorporated into more than just your door. Opt for black cabinets, black fixtures, black accents, etc. If you’re worried about going overboard, create balance with some white and metallic elements as well.

They Enhance Dark Features

Speaking of fixtures and accents, faucets and knobs will also be a great way to incorporate black into your new bathroom. If you like the idea of painting your cabinets black as well and would like to create some contrast, choose knobs that will complement black well. Other excellent bathroom cabinet colors are white, gray, and cream. All of these colors look equally as elegant with black pulls and knobs.

They Compliment Countertops

If you’ve added a marble countertop to your bathroom during your bathroom remodel, a black door will make your countertops standout even more. Marble comes in a wide variety of shades and gradients, and each style looks flawless when paired with a black bathroom door.

They Add Shine

Black doors also add a shine to your home that traditional white doors do not. Adding reflection to a door makes it pop out a little more and more clearly marks a destination. There are many ways you can add shine to a black door with varying levels of sheen as well.

They Hide Fingerprints

If you’re a parent, you probably find tiny fingerprints all over your home. As soon as you’ve wiped the fingerprints off the bathroom door, there they are again. It feels impossible to keep your clean. With a black bathroom door, this problem is completely eliminated as black hides any and all fingerprints


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