5 Creative Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

5 Creative Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

If you are looking to enhance the storage situation in your kitchen, consider these five creative solutions to maximize your space.

The storage space in your kitchen should not only exist to store items as you need them but also to add a creative element to one of the most functional aspects of your space. While standard cabinets are a classic, custom storage options add a personal touch to your kitchen, as they can be designed specifically to fit the needs of you and your family. If you are looking to enhance the storage situation in your kitchen, consider these five creative solutions to maximize your space.

Custom Pantry

A custom pantry is a great start for efficiently organizing the contents of your kitchen. Not only is it perfect for storing most of your non-perishable food items, but it is also an excellent home for smaller appliances that may be too bulky for a regular cabinet. Add shelf style storage to keep everything in its place and maximize visibility so that nothing is lost throughout the year.

Pullout Trash Can

Mask unsightly garbage and unpleasant odors with a pull out trash can built into your cabinetry. In addition to keeping your floor space open around your kitchen, these built in trash cans are also great for keeping pets and small children away from your garbage throughout the day. These trash cans are also convenient for cooking, as their easy access makes it easier than ever to clean up as you prepare a meal.

Corner Drawer

Corner drawers are an especially effective means of maximizing your storage space because unlike standard cabinets, they can span diagonally across corners to make the most of your space. Since they are deeper than most drawers, they can be used for additional storage of larger items in your kitchen.  

Cookie Sheet Drawers

Store flat cookie sheets vertically in custom build cookie sheet drawers for your kitchen. These drawers not only create a unique storage spot for your trays, but also allows you to conveniently organize and access them instead of having to move other pots and pans out of the way in a cabinet.

Rolling Cabinet or Cart

Rolling cabinets are one of the most versatile storage options for your kitchen, as they can easily be rolled away under your existing countertops when they are not being used. When they are rolled out from under the counter, they provide extra countertop space in addition to portable storage space for kitchen utensils, pans, and smaller appliances.


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