5 Closet Organization Ideas to Maximize Space and Efficiency

closet system

With a custom closet system, your chaotic closet woes will be gone!

Working with a closet that is packed to the gills is a daunting task. You may find that you don’t even know where half of your clothes and accessories are because they’re buried in an unorganized closet. It’s time to rethink your closet system. With a custom closet system, your chaotic closet woes will be gone! Just keep these simple tips in mind, and your closet will be a neat-freak’s dream.


Hangers are an obvious closet must. Keeping your hangers all the same size, color, and shape is very helpful in keeping your custom closet look neat. You can’t go wrong with wooden hangers that match the unique finish of your closet.

Stacking Shelves

One of the most important parts of maximizing any space is thinking vertically. Shelves that are stacked allow you to utilize as much closet space as you possibly can without interfering with the major closet space.

Custom Drawers

When hiring a closet system specialist, you can add the drawers in your closet you’ve always wanted. Small drawers are perfect for undergarments, socks, and small accessories. Keeping all these small things organized is key.

Shoe Racks

Shoes are typically the hardest thing to organize. They are clunky and awkward and, simply put, just hard to store in a neat way. If you find that your shoes are just ending up in an unorganized pile or lining the walls of your bedroom, it’s time for a custom closet shoe rack.

Overhead Space

Overhear closet space is the most amazing feature of any closet. You definitely notice a closet that lacks an overhead shelf. With a custom closet system, your overhead space can be ideally managed to fit folded clothes, shoes, and other accessories. Overhead space is the ideal place to place any bins or extra storage containers that you don’t necessarily need to get to in a hurry.


Stylish storage is one home makeover project that you don’t need to tackle alone. If you want a functional and stylish custom closet, Surewood Fine Cabinetry is here to help! Our years in the industry is backed by our portfolio that we believe speaks for itself. We are proud of our business and can’t wait to offer you our excellent customer service, affordable prices, and superior products. Please contact us online or give us a call at 410-913-0834-we know you won’t regret it. To see examples of our work and to stay up to date on our promotions, follow us on social media on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.

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