4 Features Your Bathroom Remodel Needs

Bathroom Remodel

Don’t stop at basic upgrades for your bathroom remodel. Get some luxury features!

It’s time to give your bathroom some new life. You want to spruce things up a bit, make it a brighter and more inviting space. You’re planning on installing some brand new bathroom cabinets. You want to do something with the floors and maybe the lighting, but you’re not quite sure yet. Surewood Fine Cabinetry is here to offer some tips for what features might go perfectly with your bathroom remodel.

Curbless Shower

Curbless showers are particularly appealing to those wanting to be able to age with their home and still have accessibility. It gets rid of the need to step over the shower curb which could lead to potential injury. It’s also just a stylistic choice; curbless showers look sleek and modern. It might lead to a bit more drafty showering but it will also reduce the amount you need to clean and even save you some money.

Heated Floors

Taking showers in the winter can be a painstaking thing indeed. You enjoy the warm water of your shower pouring down on you and almost forget how cold it is outside, and then you put your feet down on the floor and…wow! It’s freezing! No one wants to deal with that. That’s why heated floors are such a nice idea, they can even heat the whole room.

Oversized Showers and Tubs

No one wants to have to fight for space. When planning your bathroom remodel, if you’ve got enough space, consider adding an oversized shower or bathtub. You’ll be able to share your space without any issues whatsoever. It also just makes your bathroom feel like more of a spa and less of a run of the mill bathroom.

Double Sinks

Speaking of space management, double sinks can be nice. You won’t have to worry about who gets to use the sink in the morning to get ready. There will be enough room for the two of you. Just make sure that you have the right cabinets beneath your double sinks, and for that, Surewood Fine Cabinetry can surely help!

Surewood Fine Cabinetry is Here to Help

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