The 3 Hottest Trends in Kitchen Remodeling

If you’re an HGTV lover, chances are that you already know about the hottest kitchen design trends for the year. So many TV shows show you exactly what you should be looking for when designing your dream kitchen. These dream kitchens aren’t only for the families on TV though. You can create your own elegant, on-trend kitchen with the help of a trusted, local remodeling service.

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With these sleek and timeless kitchen design trends, 2018 is a great year to remodel your kitchen.

Flat-Front Cabinets

Stealing a page from the book of Scandinavian design, cabinetry trends have become more and more minimalist. In the past few years, cabinet knobs and pulls have been less ornate and more angular. This look is a nod toward the sleek, linear aesthetic northern Europe has produced for decades. Now, the hottest trend is to free yourself of knobs and pulls altogether. The simpler the better. With grooves worked into the woodwork that are used as pulls, this trend offers the simplicity and elegance that minimalism does best.

Integrated Appliances

Speaking of simplicity in modern design, integrated appliances have regained popularity in recent years. While this has been a trend for quite a while, the execution of this feature has changed. This modern and seamless kitchen design idea allows your space to feel completely tied together without being cut off by clunky appliances. If looking to cover up your appliances by integrating them into your cabinetry, contact a professional remodeling company who can help you figure out what will work best for your kitchen.

Black Fixtures

The past few years have been all about gold and rose gold, but 2018 has taken to the dark side. Black fixtures offer the striking, glamorous look of luxury that your kitchen needs. It may seem so simple, but black pendant lighting or a black sink faucet can add a degree of sophistication to your kitchen space that other colors cannot.


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