3 Features Every Luxury Kitchen Needs


A luxury bar is just one way to make your kitchen unique. How else can you stand out?

Some homeowners end up being somewhat surprised by how much time they actually spend in their kitchen. Not only is it a space for cooking and preparing meals, but it can also be used for entertaining, studying, reading, and more! The best kinds of kitchens to spend your time in are the ones that scream luxury; you know, those kinds of kitchens that seem like an absolute oasis and are straight out of a James Bond setpiece. It may seem like all that luxury can only come when you throw down huge amounts of money on a custom kitchen, but in reality, there are just a few features you need to make your kitchen seem luxurious.

Dishwasher in a Cabinet

By having a dishwasher cabinet or drawer, you can make your dishwasher blend in with the rest of your kitchen easily. You can use these compact dishwashers either on their own entirely or in addition to a full-sized dishwashing unit. It will blend in with the rest of your kitchen, making everything look seamless and really giving a designer edge to your kitchen space. Plus, that added utility is really something special!

Island Cooktop

Having an island in your kitchen is already a huge step to living that luxurious lifestyle. Go beyond that by adding a dedicated cooktop on your island! You’ll love having quality countertop space to do prep work on while also having an easily accessible cooktop. Consider a downdraft exhaust system, which eliminates the need for a view-blocking range hood.

Your Own Bar

Nothing is more luxurious than having your own fully stocked bar! You will love hosting at your home once you’ve got the ability to serve up all the drinks your guests may desire. Having your own fully stocked bar is definitely the way to solidify your home as legendarily fun and unique.

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